Welcome to Optum Pay™

We help your practice efficiently reconcile and manage claims payment and remittance data. We are excited to announce expanded functionality coming in 2021. New features will bring more power to your practice so you can spend less time on claims and more time getting people the care they need.

What's New in 2021

  • Deeper, broader search history - Access years of payment and remittance search history.
  • Claim payment sorting - Organize claims based on reconciliation status.
  • Claim count details - Know how many claims have been consolidated into a payment.

Existing features*, but with a new look

  • Data bundling tools - Easily incorporate aggregated data into your practice management system without having to download files individually.
  • Unlimited users - Assign an unlimited number of administrative and general users at your practice.
  • Multiple delivery options - Receive remittance advices in the way you prefer-including 835, EPRA or PPRA.
  • Data sharing - Access to data for your 3rd Party Billing Service.

Optum Pay Support

7 am - 6 pm CST, Monday - Friday

One Healthcare ID Support

6 am - 10 pm CST, Monday - Friday

*Activation of the full Optum Pay solution is required to access these features.

Fees will apply at a rate of 0.5% per consolidated payment ($5 for every $1,000 in payments.) Fees will be billed monthly, and taxes may apply.