How to Enroll

Enrollment in Optum's Electronic Payments and Statements (EPS) is secure, simple and smart!

If you are a Healthcare Organization you will need to have the following information to complete your enrollment online:

  • Determine the payment method for your organization: ACH (direct deposit), Virtual Card Payments (VCP) or a combination of ACH and VCP, based on Payer offering

  • Organization name, mailing information and tax identification number (TIN)

  • Contact information for your designated EPS contacts

  • Banking information (for the ACH option)

We'll also ask you to upload copies of:
  • Your organization's federal W-9 form

  • A voided check or bank letter for each account where payments will be deposited (for the ACH option)

If you don't have a W9, you can download the W9 form here. You can type directly into the form, save it and then upload it to complete the EPS enrollment process.

Optum's electronic payment service currently supports more than 50 Payers covering traditional medical, worker's compensations, Medicare supplement, dental, vision and behavioral health - with new Payers continually joining our electronic payment network.

After you accept the EPS terms and conditions of use, we'll process your application and notify the contacts in your organization about how to log into EPS for the first time.

If you are a Third Party Billing Service, EPS now offers a secure registration process that enables you to easily connect and support all of your Providers. Simply complete the online Registration form and then identify the Provider TINs that you support once the registration is confirmed. Upon approval of each provider, EPS will then link your Providers' TINs to your Billing Service Account for safe and simple access to EPS.

  Download EPS Enrollment Instructions

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